Off-road skills training with an emphasis on wilderness travel and preparedness
bushcraft-moto [/ˈbo͝ oSH-kraaft,mo'to/] - The ability to adapt and improvise with limited resources during exploration of remote or wilderness areas by motorbike.

Adventure riders seem to find the most peace and solitude when riding amongst limited modern conveniences. In fact, the further away from civilization we find ourselves the more content we become. But, what happens when unexpected circumstances occur?


Last fall I found myself 30 miles into a very difficult, and scarcely traveled, 60-mile trail in Arizona when the unexpected happened; I dropped my motorbike on a steep, rocky incline and punched a dime-sized hole in the engine case. Thankfully, I had a friend that was quite knowledgeable in moto-survival techniques. With a piece of my license plate, a rough stone to act as sand paper and some metal epoxy, he was able to patch the engine case. We were forced to set up a rough camp beneath the stars on Halloween night, splitting a bag of trail mix and the last liter of water as the epoxy cured. We later learned that the canyon we slept in was well known for the highest concentration of mountain lions in Arizona. I was quite lucky that time because unlike my friend, I did not possess the skill-set required to improvise in the bush. I had taken many valuable riding clinics, but most were focused on how to ride properly more than how to react to adverse situations such as flat tires, broken bikes, bushwhacking, rough camping, fire starting, foraging, etc...

Motorcycl trainig group

Enter the BUSH-MOTO TOUR: Two days of intense rider skills training with a focus on wilderness preparation, followed by a 2-day dual sport tour through Vermont. This will be a "minimalist-style" tour where we focus on making the most out of what we can pack on our motorbikes. Focus is on skills that every adventurer should possess. Demonstrations will discuss tools and materials motorcyclists would need when traveling remote areas.

Each day will consist of new and exciting guided routes along forest roads and discontinued historic paths, some dating back to the American Revolution. Evidence of past inhabitants can be found beside the trail in the form of weathered headstones, partially buried cellar holes, and dilapidated stone walls.


Fresh, locally sourced food items will be prepared daily from farmsteads and markets. Camping, guidance, workshops and training are included in this tour. Campsites will be natural and rustic. Rider is responsible for sleeping items, safety equipment* and motorbike.** (rentals available)

*Participants must wear helmet; boots; and back, hand, knee and elbow armor at all times while riding motorbikes. Please contact MotoVermont for equipment recommendations or further clarification.

**Participants should supply motorbike in excellent working order and ready for all-terrain riding; dual-purpose tires such as Continental TKC80, engine protection and hand guards. Fully equipped rental bikes are available.

trailside tire repair
  • Professional riding instruction by Dusty Wessels of West 38 Moto

  • Local experts specializing in wilderness survival and foraging

  • Guided off-road routes through the lush and beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont where mud, rocks and other obstacles will be encountered

  • Explore centuries-old villages, roads and trails 

  • Fresh, local food options and farm visits

  • Primitive camping in some of the most beautiful forest in the country

  • Tools on hand, spare bikes available

  • Dual sport rental bikes (Honda CRF250L) are available.


Day 1

  • Meet and Greet

  • Select campsites, set up tents

  • Rider Skills Training

    • Gear and safety discussion

    • Transition from street to dirt, benefits of standing up on the foot pegs

    • Low-speed balance and body positioning

  • Lunch ride and farm stop for dinner supplies

  • Rider Skills Training

    • Operating the brake and shifting gears while standing

    • The "Triple Threat": the art of slow-speed clutch, brake and throttle control

    • Controlled stops and skids using the front, rear and both brakes together

  • Wilderness First-Aid Clinic

    • First-Aid Kit: what to pack and how to use it​

    • Rider down: assessing a trail injury

    • Cultivating Medical Supplies: using your surroundings to aide a medical situation

  • Cookfire and dinner

Day 2

  • Breakfast

  • Rider Skills Training

    • Counterbalancing for sharp and sweeping corners

    • Riding tight circles while transferring bodyweight on motorcycle

    • Weighting the foot pegs and steering the bike with your lower body

  • Lunch break

  • Rider Skills Training

    • Climbing and descending rideable hills

    • Restarting and recovering from stalls on hills

  • Foray in the Forest

    • Identifying wild edibles (and non-edibles)

    • How to prepare your bounty for consumption

  • Cookfire and dinner

Day 3

  • Breakfast and camp break down

  • Bike packing discussion

  • Begin 2-day dual-sport tour by meandering through a web of forest roads, both historic and scenic

  • Trailside tutorial

    • Emergency repairs

    • Electrical troubleshooting

    • Bike-to-bike towing (when all else fails)

  • Enjoy lunch at the historic Warren General Store

  • Farm stop for meal supplies

  • Arrive Roots School, Bradford, Vermont

  • Wilderness Survival Guild

    • Temporary shelters

    • Fire-starting

    • Creating tools from natural resources

  • Set up camp and prepare dinner

Day 4

  • Breakfast and camp break down

  • Dual-sport ride over the Green Mountain range

    • Mountainous ride with scenic vistas

    • Optional hero section for riders who wish to challenge their skills

  • Lunch

  • Continue ride back to Basecamp

  • High-fives, exchange contact info


2018 Tour
May 31 - June 3
Riders may choose to participate in all or part of this event.
Cost for Training or Tour separately is $600.
TRAINING AND TOUR (May 31 - June 3)
TRAINING ONLY (May 31 - June 1)
TOUR ONLY (June 2-3)
  • Airport shuttle

  • On-site professional riding coach

  • Unique trail rides with instruction and support

  • Really good food - Breakfast and Dinner included (details below)

  • Extra bikes and tools on hand

  • Primitive Camping

  • Inn at Baldwin Creek

Dusty Wessels

Dusty Wessels, formerly of the RawHyde Adventure Motorcycle training school and current co-owner of West 38 Moto, will be your lead instructor for the Bush Moto Tour.

Brad Salon

Brad Salon of Roots School will lead our wilderness survival guild.

Ari Rockland-Miller

Ari Rockland-Miller, co-founder of the Mushroom Forager, will provide his expert guidance in safely foraging for wild, edible plants.

Mike Leyden

Mike Leyden currently serves as the Emergency Management Director and EMS liaison at Porter Medical Center in Middlebury, VT.  Possessing a diverse background in emergency services, Mike has worked in various capacities as a paramedic, firefighter, backcountry ranger/search & rescue technician and EMS educator for over twenty years.  Mike has also served as an expedition medic on trips to Nepal and Ecuador. Depending on the season, Mike can be found exploring backroads on his 800GS, mountain biking, hiking or ski touring around VT.

Recommended Rentals
Honda CRF250L

Beautiful, riverside camping is available on-site during the training portion of the tour. Clean, portable toilets and rustic showers will be available on site.

For our final night at the Roots school we will be sharing a large Yurt - or setting up tents.  There are also outhouses and rustic showers.

Should you decide against a sleeping bag in the forest, The Inn at Baldwin Creek offers comfortable accommodations nearby to the training grounds. 

A light breakfast and hearty dinner over an open fire will be provided each day.  *Dinner not provided on final evening.