Explore the beautiful and remote wilderness of Quebec 


Just to the North of Montreal and the Saint Lawrence Seaway the human population decreases significantly and pavement gives way to limitless dirt roads and trails. In fact, most inhabitants of Northern Quebec rely solely on snowmobiles and off highway vehicles to commute. Trail riding is part of daily life and the trail system is well established. Small, privately owned ferries and rope-driven wood platforms shuttle you and your bike across small lakes and water crossings where it’s too deep to cross. Remote lodges or “Relais” are located just off the main trails, usually on picturesque lakes that offer fishing, boating and swimming opportunities. These beautiful and unique Relais’ cater to Adventurers like us, passing through on the trails. They are charmingly rustic and offer a beautiful and peaceful respite from the days trail ride. Meals are prepared daily using locally sourced vegetables, meats and game – Poutine, great Quebec cheeses, accoutrements and cold Molson will be plentiful!


This Tour will include 6 full days of riding, rain or shine, and 5 nights lodging. Breakfasts and dinners.  Motorbike rentals (Honda CRF250L) are available. 

All motorbikes on this tour must be street legal. MotoVermont highly recommends bikes under 700cc.


Tour is fully guided with spare bikes and a support vehicle close by in case of mechanical failure. Riders will carry their own luggage.


  • Discover a trail network few Americans have ridden

  • Beautiful, remote Relais' and Lodges

  • Delicious and decadent Québécois cuisine

  • Motorbike Rentals available

  • French speaking guide




Day 1

Keeping to small 2 lane and gravel roads we head north through the Champlain Islands of Vermont and into Quebec.  After a traditional Canadian lunch, we cross the Saint Lawrence river via ferry and the ride continues on to the crystal-clear lake and lovely village of Lac Taureau.

Day 2

Departing Lac Taureau, the road becomes more of a trail as we continue North and you begin to get a sense of how deep in the lush Canadian woods you are.  Fuel, water and some sustenance is available mid way through the ride at a remote outpost catering to hunters, trappers and fisherman.  Our day ends at the shores of a quiet lake where our friend, and soon to be yours, Ti Rouge (Little Red in French) greets us.  He shuttles us all across the lake to his secluded retreat where Dinner and cold drinks will be served in a most uniquely wonderful establishment.

Day 3

This is a loop day so extra luggage can be left at Cheź Ti Rouge. You will appreciate the loss of weight because there are some tricky sections, especially for larger bikes, some mud and rocky climbs. Of course the MVT crew will be there with tools, rope and muscle if need be.  The rewards are great as they include a long ride along a completely deserted beach and a few of the funkiest ferry crossings you've ever experienced.

Day 4

We depart our friend Ti Rouge to explore further into the woods. A scenic, but shorter day due to the absence of fuel.  Lunch consists of a simple packed lunch provided by Chef Ti Rouge. Typically an early arrival at Kanawata where we enjoy dinner and a relaxing afternoon beside Lac Manouane.

Day 5

With the flexibility of multiple guides we have the option to split the group for a more scenic versus a more challenging ride for our final day in the Canadian north woods.  By this time we will have done quite a bit of riding and it can be taxing on the body and bike.  Our final night is spent back at beautiful Lac Taureau.

Day 6

Winding two-lane back roads will lead us back through the French-settled eastern townships toward Vermont.  Enjoy your last share of poutine at lunch and time permitting, a stop at the local cheesemaker and market to grab a bit of Quebecois cuisine to bring home.



Your first and final nights will be spent at L'Auberge CanadAventure:



2018 Tour
August 13-18

• 6 day guided tour

• 5 nights lodging (double occupancy)

• Breakfast and Dinner daily

• Trail Pass

• Maps/GPS

• Airport shuttle

• Vehicle and Trailer parking while on tour

• AMA sanctioned event

  • L'Auberge CanadAventure

  • Remote relais' and lodges

Recommended Rentals
Honda CRF250L
  • Motorcycle endorsement holder

  • Rider should be in good health and able to endure several hours on bike each day

  • Rider should possess basic off-road riding skills; rear brake usage, body positioning, foot peg weighting.

  • Rider must wear full-face helmet, gloves, off-road-specific boots, Armored motorcycle-specific jacket and pants.

  • Bike should be in good running and legal condition; registered, insured and thoroughly checked over.

  • Bike should be equipped with good, off-pavement tires and engine case protection.