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The strongest and most versatile mirror on the market. We use Doubletake Mirrors on all of our rental enduro bikes and ALL of our personal bikes. So many attachments and mounting options, but our favorite mount is the good ol' threaded ball stud base. Three designs available; Enduro, Adventure and Useless (inside bar mount Trail Mirror).


Trail Mirror Specs:


  • Mounts directly to handlebar - no arm or additional mount needed
  • Zip-ties included
  • Lightweight option for serious off-road applications
  • Indestructible- Made from reinforced Zytel
  • Excellent visibility- SAE spec convex lens
  • Guaranteed against breakage
  • Made in the USA



A typical mirror assembly is comprised of three components (sold seperately for easy customization):

  • Mirror - Adventure, Enduro, Trail
  • RAM Arm - Short, Long, XL
  • Bar Mount - Ball Stud Base


The Ball Stud Base threads into your bike's stock mirror mounts. Some bikes require an adapter for reverse threads or unique thread pitch (Beta, BMW, Yamaha).


If your bike was not designed with mirrors, the Split Clamp Assembly is an easy way to add a threaded mount that accepts the Ball Stud Base. The Trail Mirror is designed to attach directly to the handlebar with the included zip-ties; no other parts are needed.

Trail Mirror by Doubletake Mirror