The SheADV Women's Tour strives to provide female riders with an opportunity to ride, learn, and celebrate in a supportive environment.
Riders will learn new techniques, build confidence and take their skills to the next level as we explore the meandering forest roads and long-forgotten greenways around the Green Mountain National Forest of Vermont.
Stephanie Terrien of SheADV will act as head instructor and guide. New skills will be learned and practiced by the group on a closed skills course.   Steph will then lead riders on unique trail and dirt road rides, all while continuing to develop and hone riding skills.  
If you are new to riding off road or looking to further your off road prowess, this may be the tour for you!  Steph will show you a side of Vermont that many Vermonters will never see; centuries old covered bridges, quaint general stores and scenery that will make you feel like you are riding through a Norman Rockwell painting.
Stephanie is versed in leading tours and has EMT and wilderness survival training.  She is a DART trained Off-road Instructor and an MSF certified coach and will be with you every step of the way to provide tips and feedback to help you succeed through the challenges. 
F650GS mountain pass

Stephanie Terrien on the Idaho BDR.  Photo by Angela Goodman

  • A full day training on a private course

  • Female guides versed in off-road riding and first-aid

  • Several dual-sport rides through the idyllic countryside of Vermont

  • Unique stops along the way

  • Chase vehicle with gear and extra bikes close by

  • Explore centuries-old villages, roads and trails 

  • Freshly prepared and catered meals each evening, farm visits and delicious lunch stops.

  • Well appointed cabins with available private rooms

  • Dual sport rental bikes available

  • AMA sanctioned event


Day 1

  • Meet and Greet

  • Intro and off-road riding discussion

  • Gear and safety ​
  • Body positioning, hand and foot control set-up

  • Throttle and clutch management

  • Foot and body weighting and turning

  • Lunch ride - (10 miles, total)
  • Braking

  • Hill climbing, hill fail and hill turn-arounds

  • Return to cabins (5 miles)

  • Catered evening meal

Day 2

  • Light breakfast at cabins -or- General store just up the road

  • Trail safety and etiquette discussion

  • Dual-sport ride through the Green Mountain Forest.  Emphasis on practicing body positioning and smooth clutch/throttle operation. Get ready for some amazing, twisting mountain passes - some roads minimally maintained! 

  • General Store for fuel and lunch supplies

  • Lunch on the porch of Robert Frost's original mountain cabin

  • Scenic dual sport ride back to cabins

  • Catered evening meal and tales over the campfire

Day 3

  • Light breakfast at cabins

  • Bike packing discussion

  • Ride to training site

  • Learn and practice riding over obstacles (rocks, sticks and small logs)

  • Learn and practice crossing mud and water

  • Lunch at the historic Warren General Store

  • Scenic dual sport ride back to cabins introducing mud and water crossing

  • Catered evening meal and many more tales over the campfire

Day 4

  • Light breakfast at cabins

  • More, fun dual sport riding.   Adding in ascents and descents over varied surfaces.   

  • Lunch at the Lincoln Store

  • Dual Sport ride back to cabins

  • Post-ride discussion

  • High fives and contact exchange




Add $200 for private room
2020 Training & Tour
August 3-6
  • Airport shuttle

  • Training on private course

  • Guided dual-sport rides 

  • MSF coach on trail

  • Lodging for 3 nights

  • Really good food - Local catered meal delivered each evening

  • Extra bikes and tools on hand

  • The Robert Frost Cabins, just 5 miles from the training grounds and within the Green Mountain National Forest will be our hub and home during the 3 nights and 4 days of the tour.

  • These cabins are well appointed and feature 2 bedrooms; one with 2 double beds, the other with a single queen bed.


Stephanie Terrien of SheADV and Dragoo Adventure Rider Training is an MSF certified coach, trained in EMT wilderness survival and first aid/CPR.  She has also logged some serious mileage off road on her BMW GS, including 5 of the U.S. Backcountry Discovery Routes.

Recommended Rentals
Honda CRF250L
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Yamaha XT250
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Suzuki DR-Z400S
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The Robert Frost Cabins, just 5 miles from the training grounds and within the Green Mountain National Forest will be our hub and home during the 3 nights and 4 days of the tour.

Lauren from The Broadloaf Kitchen will be catering the event with delicious, fresh and locally sourced meals.   

  • Motorcycle endorsement holder

  • Rider should be in good health and able to endure several hours on bike each day

  • Rider should possess basic off-road riding skills; rear brake usage, body positioning, foot peg weighting.

  • Rider must wear full-face helmet, gloves, off-road-specific boots, Armored motorcycle-specific jacket and pants.

  • Bike should be in good running and legal condition; registered, insured and thoroughly checked over.

  • Bike should be equipped with good, off-pavement tires and engine case protection.