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We work hard to give our customers the best experience possible. When we read what our customer's say, it makes us proud to see how we've succeeded. We'd love to hear from you, so let us know if you've enjoyed your time with us or if there is something we could have done to make it better. 

todd mountain pass ktm.jpg
Todd attends the 2019 New Mexico Tour scouting trip

I was one of the lucky people that got asked to join MotoVermont on the 2019 New Mexico scouting trip. The week of riding was an absolute pleasure!

The routes were super and the guides were second to none. You just can't beat the scenery and the meals were awesome! When you have just as many pictures of food as you do bike and scenery shots that says it all! Been on a bunch of rides all over the country and New Mexico will never disappoint.

This tour with Moto Vermont will be awesome! Highly Recommended!

Customer Ed stading ontop of amountain with BMW R 1200RT
Ed rides Vermont twisties on an R1200 GS

MotoVermont is a great operation; convenient, friendly, and helpful.  I rented an R1200GS, which was like new.  From their Burlington location we were able to be on beautiful back roads headed to the twisties in the mountains within a half hour.  Starting from the north we crossed (and recrossed several times) the gaps at Smuggler’s Notch-Stowe, Appalachian Gap near Mad River Glen, Lincoln Gap, Middlebury Gap, and Brandon Gap. ?We couldn’t resist going back and forth over Appalachian Gap numerous times, the tight banked turns were a thrill each time. ? MotoVermont’s location and fleet of BMW’s provides the opportunity to do some of the east’s most picturesque and thrilling motorcycling with no time on highways or in traffic.

Coustomer Eli stading with BMW F 800ST
Eli and Anna Tour New England on an F800ST

MotoVermont,  thank you so much for opening your shop in Vermont!


The kind of riding we did and the experience we had just would not have been if it weren’t for your shop. My girlfriend and I took out the F800ST to revisit Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire for the first time in ten years since I moved to seattle (and first time ever for Anna.) As only riders know, there is no better way to experience your surroundings than to be on a bike...simply put there is no better way to take it all in.


Where else can you see real history; 200 year old stone walls, offset A-frame post and beam houses, apple orchards, maple-lined town commons and the familiar white church steeeple of the upcoming town. The northeast is a GEM and though I felt I knew what I had when I lived there, it truly 'hit home' with me on this trip.


It was outstanding having MotoVermont on the line through all of my flight delays on the way out there, holding down the fort and being extremely accommodating.  I also appreciated the consult about road conditions and weather before leaving seattle, a very kind and easy-going professionalism. And of course I appreciated the immaculate condition of the bike. This trip has opened my eyes to riding in New England and we will be back again soon!

Coustomers Haroon adn Farazana stading with BMW R1600 RT
Haroon and Farazana

After exploring Europe, Africa & India, my wife & I were eager about touring North America, whose mere size was so intimidating that we didn’t know where to start, especially finding a non-Harley rental on the east coast.  


Thanks to a simple reference on Advrider, [we were] directed to MotoVermont.  A few e-mails were exchanged with Eric, who takes his business very seriously with a personal touch. From there things just fell into place from the bike rental, route suggestion and delivery; even a minor change in itinerary were all taken care of in the most professional manner.


A special gratitude to MotoVermont for the suggestion to upgrade to the K1600GTL, which was a fabulous choice of bike for our trip especially since it was set up just the way we wanted.


My wife and I cannot thank Eric and MotoVermont enough for their efforts and assistance in ensuring an unforgettable riding experience in New England.  We hope we can come back for more in the future.

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