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4 Days, 3 Nights.  400+ Miles
VT400 Sample Map.png

$ 1500*


The success of the original Vermont 400 has inspired us to develop this completely unique 4 day dual sport tour through our state's least populated regions; eastern and northeastern Vermont.    

The 400 North route has been refreshed for 2024, with 2 new lodging establishments, new roads and several historic roads and paths!

We look forward to introducing you to this enjoyable and rewarding glimpse into the history of our region.  


Similarly to our original Vermont 400, riders will encounter mud, rocks and the occasional ledge or hill climb along the route.   Also along the tour you will find incredibly beautiful dirt roads, historic farmsteads, breathtaking vistas and quintessential Vermont scenery.   


We have paired this exciting and challenging route with unique and comfortable lodging each evening.  These lodging establishments embody the beauty and spirit of our region.  They offer beautiful settings and historic charm.   As with all MotoVermont tours, get ready for delicious and unique meals along the way.   

An emergency satellite communicator will be kept with the group at all times. A lead and tail guide will assist with mechanical issues along the way and carry tools, tubes, tow straps and other emergency equipment.  Guides are trained and certified in Wilderness first aid.


Given the variety of terrain, off-road riding skills are a must on this tour. That being said, the MotoVermont team will be there to help riders along every step of the way.

After the kick stands are down for the evening, relaxation will ensue:   Warm fire, hot coffee or a cold beverage of your choice will be waiting for you at the evening's lodging establishment. The MotoVermont chase truck will be there for us with our extra belongings as well.  A fresh and delicious hot meal will be served as we recount the day's adventures and look forward to the next.

TW200 Ledge.jpg
  • Airport/local hotel transfer

  • 4 days of local, expert guidance

  • 3 nights comfortable, clean lodging

  • Delicious, hearty meal each night

  • Breakfast each morning

  • Chase vehicle with extra bike, tools and gear

  • Guides versed in trail navigation, bike maintenance and certified in Wilderness First Aid

  • AMA Sanctioned and insured ride 


Day 1

Meet and Greet, riding discussion.

Depart staging area on minimally maintained forest roads and over the twisting Middlebury Gap. From the Mad River Valley we head east on lesser known and completely unmaintained gap roads - several with considerable difficulty, all with abundant views.  

Quick stop for a lunch of delicious and filling made-to-order sandwiches and a great coffee shop option.  Then back into the woods for a few more fun trails before winding into the small village of Marshfield, VT where we spend the evening in a locally owned and operated country motel.   Cozy and clean, we relax and then wander to the porch for a home-cooked BBQ dinner.  Relax in big Adirondack chairs and watch the sun retire over the mountains.   Rest up for another adventure-filled day tomorrow.  


Day 2

Breakfast and coffee outside your door and back onto the trail right.   We're really getting into the Kingdom now as the path gets rugged and remote.

Lunch at the Craftsbury store, a quintessential Vermont 

general store known for creative sandwiches, salads and an extensive selection of snacks and refreshments.  A tough mountain pass, more trails and fun dirt roads round out the day.

Day 2 is a long one, but it will feel great pulling up to the historic Willoughvale Inn along the shores of beautiful Lake Willoughby

Dinner on site.

Day 3

A hot breakfast and fresh coffee await you in the morning. Day 3 provides us with a similar medley of terrain while mixing in a bit of history; we pass several old cars, trucks and tractors along the route, some in operation, some rusting away.

We ride parts of the historic Bayley-Hazen road - the military road established in 1777 that opened up much of northern Vermont to early settlers. We also pass by the historic relics of a village and 2 hand-laid stone mill foundations.

Lunch, coffee and pastries at local bakery. Our evening will be spent at the Seyon Pond lodge located deep within the Groton State Forest.  We will have this amazing Inn all to ourselves!  Dinner on site where a fresh, authentic Vermont meal will be served.  

Cold drinks by the fire overlooking Noyes pond.  Still one more day to go.  Life is good.

Day 4

A hearty hot breakfast at the Lodge and back into some fun trails and small double track roads.  Pulling into a historic general store for more excellent sandwiches, salads soups and Maple Creamees before climbing a few more trails and unmaintained gap roads. A couple more twisty mountain passes and we're back at the staging area.


High fives all around, load up and until next time!...  

* Add $300 for single occupancy lodging.

Double lodging only available to family/friends booking together.

Upcoming Tour Dates: 

May 19-22, 2024 - SOLD OUT
August 25-29, 2024- SOLD OUT
  • Ground transportation provided by Moto Vermont to and from Burlington International Airport (BTV) or an area hotel.

  • Vehicle parking during your tour.
    Storage of your non-riding gear during your tour.

  • 4 days professional guidance 

  • 3 nights shared lodging *(single lodging $300 additional.  Double lodging only available to family/friends booking together)

  • Dinner each evening(3)

  • Breakfast each morning(3)

  • Chase vehicle carrying spares/luggage

  • Extra bike on hand

  • 24 hour-per-day roadside assistance 

  • AMA sanctioned event



Dave Beck is an experienced guide in both motorcycling and skiing.  As a school administrator Dave learned excellent communication skills and patience.  As a motocross and enduro racer he mastered his riding technique.  Dave is as willing to answer riding questions as he is to help yank your bike out of a sand pit, and always with a smile on his face!


Spenser Peterson is head trail director for MotoVermont. He is certified in Wilderness First Aid, and skilled in trailside mechanics. An expert navigator and rider, Spenser will act as tail guide during this tour, ensuring all riders stay together and navigate obstacles along the route


Support Vehicle A third guide will drive a truck that carries an extra rental bike, tools and riders' luggage from inn to inn, allowing us to keep our bikes lightweight and nimble on the trail.

The support vehicle will parallel our route and meet us in the case of a mechanical issue or tired rider. There will always be a safe and reliable alternative to riding every day if need be.


Each night we will find ourselves at a unique lodging establishment ranging from updated motel-style inns to historic lodges.  All will have clean, comfortable accommodations.

*Single lodging $275 additional.  Double occupancy only available to family/friends booking together


We plan to eat well on this tour.   Local, creative meals of all types will be offered; from made-to-order sandwiches on homemade bread to artisanal dinners that will leave you satisfied and inspired.   

Ride hard, eat well!

Recommended Rentals
Yamaha XT250
yamaha xt250 thumb.jpg
Honda CRF300L
Honda CRF300L.jpeg
Kawasaki KLX300
Kawasaki KLX300.jpeg
RIDER REQUIREMENTS (Please also review our Rules & Regs page)
  • Motorcycle endorsement holder

  • Rider should be in good health and able to endure several hours on bike each day

  • Rider should possess basic off-road riding skills; rear brake usage, body positioning, foot peg weighting.

  • Rider must wear full-face helmet, gloves, off-road-specific boots, Armored motorcycle-specific jacket and pants.

  • This tour is appropriate for dual sport motorcycles under 650cc.

  • Bike should be in good running and street-legal condition; registered, insured and thoroughly checked over.

  • Bike should be equipped with good, off-pavement tires and engine case protection.  Feel free to contact MotoVermont for bike-specific tire recommendations.

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