The First Ever: Bush Moto Tour - Rider training and wilderness survival

BMW GS by campfire during Bush moto Tour

I am a huge proponent of rider training and will preach MSF courses and advanced training until the cows come home. I believe proper riding skills can and will make a safer rider and in turn allow that rider to explore far and wide by moto with confidence. But, Adventure riders tend to find themselves in far off, uninhabited areas. And we all know that no matter the amount of training and preparation; things can and will go afoul.

Do you know what to do when you or your bike cease to function correctly - perhaps when you are many miles from civilization?

The Bush Moto Training and Tour was conceived to teach, not only rider training, (that's a large part of it) but also survival strategies that may help you navigate unforeseen circumstances one might encounter when riding off the grid.

In addition to off road rider training, some of the topics covered were; wilderness first aid, wild food foraging, fire building and starting, shelter building.

On-Bike Training:

Day 1:

Dusty breaks the ice by pushing over a BMW R1200GS. First lesson: dropping and picking up an adventure bike.

It's actually quite simple if you have the correct technique.

Proper alignment between body and controls is essential. Dusty carefully demonstrates, then sets up each bike to fit the rider's body as best as possible.

Once everyone is comfortable standing up and reaching their controls the on-course exercises begin.

Dusty giving a quick tutorial before a practice drill.